The first day of Ganz is finally here!

Hello dear audience,

First day of Ganz new festival is here and we are going to stay with you for the next five days till Sept 23rd, and then in the post-festum of the festival, on Sept 26th.

But before the end – the beginning. What is on the program today?

From 7 to 11pm visit Les Thermes, a stoic installation in Gallery SC. At 7pm you can also join us at Marko Tokić’s lecture on how to become a stoic, also at Gallery SC. At 7 and 9.30pm you can visit Mi Gran Obra by David Espinosa at Semicircular(, and Positions by Ivana Müller at 8pm in Big hall. And for the end of the evening, join us at The Projection Band: Hidden Landscapes concert at 10.30pm at MM centre.

Reserve your tickets online by using email or phone us 01/4593510. Please notice that there are no any seats available for Out of Season performance, it has all been reserved.

Read our daily bulletin, here is our Facebook event which you can attend, follow us on Facebook page and see you in person at Savska 25!